Working on my To-Do List

I don't usually work off a to-do list, but right now I have so many different things I want to accomplish that I really do feel the need to write them down and assign them priorities. (Thank you iGoogle for providing lovely little gadgets suited for just such a purpose! You rock!)

In the last week or so I've managed to cross three items off my to-do list.
  • Edit Jenna's senior pics & burn to CD
  • Create DVD of Jenna's pics for easy viewing in my Dad's computer-less house
  • Edit Dad & Connie's wedding pictures
That leaves the following outstanding items:
  • Finish Chapter 3 of Between the Heavens and Earth
  • Finish critiquing Chapters 25-27 for Martin (critique partner from WisCon 2009)
  • Create music slideshow DVD of Dad & Connie's wedding
Ideally, I'd like to update the to-do list on Sundays with things like "work on Chapter 4" and "critique Chapters 28-30". Seeing the list every time I sign in to iGoogle will hopefully remind me that time is quickly passing by and I need to get crackin'.

How about you? Got any pressing items on your to-do list?