Technically, It Was a Fail

Okay, so I didn't hit 50K on the NaNo project this year. I have no excuses. At least, no good ones because I'm pretty sure watching TV and reading are considered, at best, distractions.

So, I failed. I didn't win.

But I'm not worried about it. While NaNo is fun and a great way to bring writers together, what's more important to me is the fact that it gets me writing again. I have a story I'm working on. Sure, it's slow and painful progress right now, but it's words on a page and that's more than I had a month ago.

My story is what most would likely consider epic fantasy. It involves gods, god-kin (human and god offspring), Elementals, and miniature dragons. My main character, Moswen El-Brideah, is the recognized keeper of the god-kin bloodline. Her biggest fear in the beginning of the book is that her secret will be revealed before the god who birthed her ancestors. Unlike most of her peers, she posesses more than god-kin magic. She's also half-Elemental, the product of a meddling Elemental who has finally succeeded in corrupting the god-kin bloodlines. This is a secret that could destroy her family and leave her people without a ruling family to protect them. It could also mean her death or, even worse, her spiritual undoing in the afterlife.

Things are complicated when the god reveals his plan to restore himself to his former power in both this world and in the heavens where he must contend with the machinations of the other gods. He directs Moswen's family to make war on a legendary people, to destroy their faith in their own godess and to feed him their spiritual energy through conversion to his will. Although the directive doesn't sit well with Moswen or her family, the truth of the failing magic in the god-kin families forces their hand and scouting parties are sent to ascertain the strength, number, and location of the worshippers of the goddess Runne.

Moswen, who has just passed her god-kin test in the Temple of Oryn, has little time to celebrate her success. Distressed by both the political jockeying at home, she finds an excuse to leave the courts behind when her brother goes missing.

Okay, so that's as far as I've made it so there ends the synopsis of Between the Heavens and Earth (current working title).

The only other thing I really tell you is the story is just about ready to pick up speed. The set-up is almost complete. I'm right in the middle of introducing one of the main antagonists. Once I get him situated where I need him (let's hope he cooperates!), I'm hoping the words will start falling more easily into place.

Building the foundation of the story is hard work! I said, I failed NaNo, but I'm okay with it because what I did manage to write is 100% usable. Not perfect. But usable. It'll need some polishing and refining, sure, but that's okay. It means I have something to work with.