A Shopping We Will Go

My husband, one of the best bargain shoppers I know, started months ago. A gift here, a gift there. It was a slow accumulation to be sure, but every purchase made on behalf of a nephew (his side) or in-law has made the Christmas shopping a little bit easier.

Of course, the true shopping didn't start until Black Friday. Since that pocketbook-draining day we've managed to get a good portion of our shopping done. Yes, you heard me right. We're almost done and it's hardly December!

However, there remain a few people we still need to finish buying for, most notably our parents. I know what we're getting my Dad and his new wife. We just need to figure out which sibling of mine is going to actually do the purchasing so we can hand them over our portion of the expense.

Then there's my mom and her husband. They've recently moved out-of-state, which means gifts must be shipped. (Sorry, Mom, we won't be traveling this year!) Now if I only knew what to get them. Maybe I should have them take a little time to create an Amazon wishlist. That would help tremendously!

My parents-in-law are another big question mark. They get harder and harder to buy for because it seems like they have everything they want. While I'm sure this is grossly untrue and there's plenty of things they secretly wish for, I don't know what they are. Wishlists for them would be a good idea, too, if they actually had a computer with Internet access.

Okay, so I'm on a wishlist kick. They're fun! You should try creating one for yourself and sharing it with those people in your life who really don't have any idea what to buy for you.

Because you know what? I wish my nephews-in-law had them, too, because right now gift cards are looking good.

Family aside, I still have to buy for the office Christmas party and, again, I don't have a clue what to buy. Knowing me, I'll probably settle for yet another last minute gift card. Oh, the joy of buying for the unknown recipient!