New Pictures for the Wall

If you were to wander through my house right now, you would find pictures of my kids hanging on the walls. Not surprising, right? I'm a Mom. It's what we do.

The shocking thing is that the majority of these pictures are old. Old, old. As in my youngest is still a toddler in most of them. (I know. I should hang my head in shame...) The only up-to-date pictures are their school pictures and those happen to be sitting on the plant stand in my bedroom right now; we had to make room for the Christmas tree.

Now, I've been using the lack of leisure time in our lives as an excuse to explain the chubby cheeks and dimpled fingers in those pictures. We don't have time to get family portraits done. Trying to fit in an appointment between sporting events, school, and family obligations is darn near impossible.

Unfortunately, the excuse doesn't really work all that well. I have a nice camera and I'm not afraid to use it!

The truth is I have great pictures of my kids. Really great pictures. Pictures that are worthy of displaying throughout my house.

It just never occurred to me (until today) that I should replace the studio portraits I have hanging on the walls with the best pictures I've taken over the last year. All I need to do is send them to Walgreens or Snapfish and order the sizes I need. It's that easy.

So why didn't I think of this earlier? ~forehead slap~