It's Beginning..

To look a lot like Christmas. At least, at my house, it is.

Yesterday we prepped the house for the holiday clutter before heading off to the Christmas tree farm. A quick visit with Santa, a hayride out to the lot, and a quick walkabout led us to this year's scotch pine. Ken thought he'd let the boys cut down the tree this year. Although they each took a turn trying to saw through the little trunk, neither boy had the strength to do the job. (Honestly, I'm not sure I could do it without a great deal of cussing and sweating and cussing. Hubby may make it look easy, but I know it's not!).

While we waited for the tree to get the loose needles shaken out, we went into the barn. Hot chocolate, hot cider and coffee helped warm us up from our little outdoor adventure as we searched for this year's wreath. Then it was time to head on home and get the decorating done.

It took some doing but eventually we got the tree up and decorated, the lights strung inside and out, and all the other decorations arranged. Of course, as usual, we ran into a few problems. The wreath refuses to stay on the door; it's sitting on the kitchen counter until we can figure out how to get it to stop falling. I need some pushpins to help keep the lights around the kitchen sink window and the sliding glass doors. A new tablecloth wouldn't be a bad thing, either. Oh, and some Christmas-y scented candles..those would be nice, too.

So, is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas around your house, too?