Getting Ready for Santa

It was a busy weekend. Saturday I spent 12 hours on my feet, something I must admit I'm not used to, especially since I ended up with very tired and sore legs by the time I crawled into bed. On the bright side of things, I got some nice gifts for myself (thanks to Mom & Dad H!) and managed to finish up a few more family members. After all that shopping, I guess you'd expect that I would be done Christmas shopping.

Not so! I had promised the boys I would take them them to the store so they could pick out something special for their dad. This meant I got up early Sunday morning to take them out.

After we got home it was time to pull together all the ingredients and get baking. First we made the chocolate chip cookies. While the first batch was in the oven, we mixed the sugar cookie dough. Since it has to be refrigerated for an hour, we played some Devil May Cry 4 while finishing the chocolate chip cookies, which I overcooked and are crispy instead of soft. I blame this entirely on the stove and not my video gaming ways. Whenever the timer would go off, I'd take a peek and decide they needed a few minutes more. In retrospect, I guess the directions were correct and I should have taken them out at the recommended time.

Still, they're pretty good crunchy, so I'm not complaining. Much.

Then it was time for rolling the sugar cookie dough out and cutting out shapes. What a mess!

But the end results were totally worth the time, effort and mess involved. While I may have overcooked the chocolate chip cookies, the sugar cookies are just about perfect. Soft, fluffy, and sweet. Frosting is optional, they're that good.

Then it was time for dinner, baths, and the traditional picture in front of the Christmas tree.

The only thing left to do is get the reindeer feed mixed together. We'll have to do that Tuesday or Wednesday night.