NaNo Update


Not doing so hot. I've written 14,670 words (a little less than 69 double-spaced pages). I've made it to Chapter Four and am finally introducing the antagonist. Too late? Too bad! Whether I keep the preceding chapters as they are or not, I needed to write them in this order. I needed things laid out and ordered in such a way that the unfolding story would make sense not only to the reader, but to me.

I just wish the words were coming a bit easier, but they're not. Each scene feels like its being coerced into existence.

And, yes, I know I'm supposed to allow myself to write crap. I'm supposed to let whatever unfolds onto the page simply unfold. No deleting. No revising. No reworking things.

Yeah. I don't write that way. Not even when I want to.

I've got a few hours before bedtime. I'm not going to set a word limit goal tonight, but I'm going to try to keep myself planted in front of the keyboard for at least an hour before allowing myself to enjoy some mind-numbing television.