Getting Back on Track

Nano has not started off well for me. Sarah just posted her numbers for the first five days of Nano and while I'm insanely happy for her, I'm feeling pretty sucky about myself. Yes, this is a woe-is-me post. Deal with it.

I don't have day-by-day word counts to list, but I know I barely managed to make the minimal word count on Day 1 and have failed ever since. Oh, I'm still writing, but it's painfully slow. I'm starting today at 3,192 words.

Now, let's do the math..

Today is Day 6.
Each day I should write a minimum of 1,667 words.
This means I should have 8335 words done already.
Today's writing should put me at 10,002 words before midnight.
This means I need to write 6810 words today if I want to get back on track.


Problem #1: Day job. No time to write except at lunch.
Problem #2: Going to cousin's house to discuss planning for family Christmas party.

Yeah. It's probably not going to happen tonight. The only silver lining here is that other than tonight, I have no plans for the weekend. I can sit and write to my hearts content. Well, mostly. I will have to do some chores around the house. You know, pesky things like laundry and dishes.