New Thoughts on "The Story"

Normally I crawl into bed and fall right to sleep. Not last night, though. Nope. My mind was racing. I couldn't stop thinking about the amazing group of people I had just met at Barnes & Noble. More exciting, I couldn't stop brainstorming story ideas for my NaNo project. I almost got out of bed to write them down, they were that good! Of course, being the lazy good-for-nothing I am, I willed myself to remember the ideas after I got up in the morning.

And it worked! I remember the ideas, which is awesome because one of those passing thoughts provided me with my opening scene. I'm not going to question it or dissect it. I'm not going to wonder if it's the right or wrong move starting there. I'm going to trust my instincts for once and just let myself follow where they may lead.

Of course, this makes waiting for NaNo to begin all that much more difficult. I not only have my premise, my characters, and a good portion of the worldbuilding done, I have my opening scene! That's huge.