Nano with Children

Last night I took the boys with me to my writer's group meeting. As the only thing on the agenda was discussing the upcoming Nano challenge, I thought they might find the group energy inspirational. You see, normally I wouldn't take the boys, but since I've basically bribed them into participating in this year's Youth Program, I was hoping for the best.

Overall, I think they did fairly well. Little boys, especially my little boys, don't sit still for long. There was a fair bit of restlessness and some downright goofiness. Still, I think they did okay and can only hope no one else found them too distracting or disruptive.

The good news is that the boys were inspired. The oldest went from wanting to write about spaceships and aliens to wanting to tell a story about mythical creatures, like ogres and fairies. The youngest has decided to write about football (loosely based on him and his friends, of course).

So even though Mom might have been feeling the stress of having children in tow, the evil plan worked! Knowing that spelling errors, grammar and punctuation aren't going to be reviewed on a nightly basis also helped. As I told them on our way home, writing for fun is the goal during November.

Wish us luck!