Little Things Make Me Happy

I collect books. I collect them not only because I love (wuv) them, but because I am one of those really nerdy people who actually re-reads their favorite novels. Again and again and again. New books in old series inspire me to revisit the entire storyline from beginning to end. This means some of the books sitting on basement bookshelves have been read 10, 11, or even 12 times.

So imagine my distress when one of my favorites goes missing. Loaned and not returned. It doesn't happen often because I must admit I am amazingly stingy with my most beloved books. Still, it does happen.

Knowing that I have an incomplete trilogy or series or even a missing stand alone will make me do crazy things like purchase a book I've already read a half-dozen times. This is exactly what happened this weekend. Happily, the book I picked up at B&N will once again complete perhaps my all-time favorite trilogy.

I don't know who I loaned out Black Sun Rising to, but now it doesn't matter. I don't have to wonder any more because the book has been replaced.

And that makes me happy.