Um...I've been absent.

The last couple of weeks were crazy busy. I thought I'd get so much done while the hubby was gone. I thought I'd scrapbook and read and laze about. Ha! No such luck. My evenings and weekends were devoured by the kids' schedules.

Luckily, the hubby is back home where he belongs. He pulled in around 7 last night. I don't know who was more excited to see him: me, the kids, or the dogs. There was a lot of smiles, hugs, and tail-wagging going on. The puppy couldn't wait to get roughed up and the youngest boy became his shadow almost immediately. It was so cute watching them.

Unfortunately, the only thing our hunter came home with was an upset stomach. It seems the bears were not willing to cooperate. Although I must be honest and admit I wasn't really looking forward to eating bear meat, I feel bad for him. His first ever bear hunt should not have been a bust! Not when he waited several years to get a license in the first place.

Hopefully, if he ever goes again, he'll have better luck.