School Jitters

My children start school on Tuesday. Tuesday. As in, just a few short days away.

I think I'm more nervous than they are.

Do they have the "right" shoes? Are their clothes stylish enough? Their backpacks? Do they have the necessary school supplies, and when did schools stop requiring children to bring their own paper and pencils and why wasn't I told?

That's just the insanely superficial stuff I wonder about. The stuff that really, really doesn't matter. Except that kids are terribly superficial, aren't they? They notice clothes and haircuts. They notice if one is not like the others and they're too young to value individuality or creativity at this age. Being different is bad.

But then I start thinking about the important stuff that moms and dads are really supposed to be concerned know, academics. Homework. Test scores. Responsibility and accountability.

I think about my oldest son's 504 Plan and whether or not the accommodations therein will be honored if I have to press them upon an unwilling teacher. While this has never happened, what if this the one time I have to really, really advocate on his behalf? And when am I crossing the line between a concerned, active parent and an overprotective pain-in-the-ass? I don't want to be annoying. But I can be. Will be.

Hopefully it won't be necessary. Hopefully the child will be just fine and his teacher will be the epitome of awesomeness.

Then there's the little guy. I can't forget to focus on him, to make sure just because he doesn't face the same struggles as his brother that I haven't overlooked his needs.