Early Morning Blog Post

Just sitting here waiting on the clock. It's a strange feeling. My mornings are typically of the rushed variety. Snooze buttons and missing shoes. Grumpiness and exasperation. Unhappy husband and silently rebellious children.

Not that we didn't have some of that this morning. We did. But the kids are off to school already and the house is quiet because instead of rushing off to work, today I'm waiting on the clock. Waiting on the doctor's office to open. Waiting on the pharmacy to open. Waiting.

Not rushing.

It's rather strange.

Strange, but nice.

It almost makes me wish I were one of those people who jump right out of bed and tackle their day with optimism and hope. It makes me think early mornings without stress would be worth sacrificing a few minutes of sleep for, but I can't lie to myself. I'm not going to give up even 30-seconds worth of sleep. Never gonna happen.