Pictures from Week 2

I meant to post these a day or so after the week 1 pictures. Sorry they're a little late!

Our second week of camping was at Tahquamenon State Park near Paradise, MI. While the scenery was absolutely gorgeous, the mosquitoes were outrageously numerous and persistent. We couldn't be outside without a thick layer of bug spray coating every exposed inch of our skin.

Still, the Tahquamenon River was picturesque and the falls were amazing. Here are just a few of the pictures from our trips to the lower and upper falls.

The scenery wasn't the only thing worth looking at, either. The last time we vacationed in this area we visisted Oswald's Bear Farm (see old pictures here and here). After that first adventure, how could we not revisit the bear cubs and the older bears? We just had to go back!

A day or so later we took a nice long ride through back country roads to get to this lighthouse on Lake Superior. The climb to the top was very narrow but the view was well worth any bouts of claustrophobia we might have suffered!

While we were at the lighthouse the boys went for a swim in very, very cold waters of Lake Superior. KC tried telling us it wasn't that cold, but Gage couldn't hide his discomfort quite as well.

In the middle of the week we went horseback riding. The boys LOVED it. Although I was at the end of the line, I got to see a few delighted smiles as the trail wound back on itself. What I didn't expect was Gage's complete meltdown when the ride was done. He really loved his horse. Really.

When we weren't off on some family adventure, the guys tried their luck at fishing. While they often visited the river banks behind our campsite, there were other fishing attempts made at docks and roadside parks. The most beautiful trip had to be when they rented a boat for a half-day, though, and rowed near the bottom of the lower falls. It would have been perfect if they had had some luck!