Just a Few Pictures from Week #1

Just hanging around our campsite. We were lucky enough to be right on the lake.

The Big Springs (a.k.a. Kitch-iti-kipi) was a just a couple miles down the road from our campsite. The pictures here don't do the spring justice - of course - but I hope you get a sense of just how clear the water was. Our most memorable trip to the Springs was our first. A beautiful adult male Bald Eagle landed in a tree overlooking the springs. I'd show you a picture if I could, but I hadn't thought to grab my camera for that particular road trip! I know! I'm shocked, too.

We visited a "ghost town". Fayette was once a prosperous community built around the iron ore market. Now it's ruins are protected by the State and visitors can wander around its abandoned buildings with the purchase of a State Park sticker. Since we already needed one of those for our campground, this was free!

And those are just a few of the animals we saw at the zoo.

Along the boardwalk in Manistique.

The boys had so much fun at Indian Lake. Our campsite was right next to a set of stairs leading down to the water. They were able to not only go fishing there, but they were also able to swim to their little hearts' content.

Ken got lucky and was asked by our neighbors if he would like to join them on their boat out in Lake Michigan. Of course he said yes. After getting up around 2:30 in the morning, they headed out and ended up catching these salmon. He was pretty geeked.