Thing Never Go As Planned

So, last night.

I went running. Actually, I think I walked more than I ran, but at least I got in two miles.

Afterward I planned on going home and doing laundry. Remember? Yeah. Didn't happen. I ended up picking up the youngest child, hitting McDonalds (I had a bacon ranch salad), and watching the hubby's softball game. We stayed at the ball field until the sun was nearly down and the temperatures had dropped to an uncomfortable low.

After we got home I think I managed one load of laundry before bedtime. One. This is not good and could be downright problematic if I don't get caught up before this weekend. Not only do I probably need to pack the majority of what's down there in my basement laundry area, but I really don't want to leave any dirty clothes down there while we're gone.

Still, that was only one night, right? I should have plenty of time to get caught up. Maybe even tonight..


Remember when I said I was thinking of having the hubby do baseball duty with the boy? Yeah. Not happening. Seems hubby had made plans for himself, too, and his plans trump mine. So instead of doing laundry, I will be at the baseball diamond. Hubby plans on fixing up a few things on our camper (see...fixing camper trumps laundry when said camper is necessary to successful vacation).

Maybe tomorrow and Thursday will prove more accommodating.

Edited to add: Plans changed again. Hubby took boy to practice; I stayed home and am doing laundry! Yay!