Moving in a New Direction

Yesterday was one of those milestone days. It was right up there with the first time KC crawled, or the first time Gage walked. It's comparable to going off to Kindergarten or learning how to read. Yesterday we took our boys out of daycare. We ended a seven year relationship and moved in a new direction.

It was both exhilarating and sad.

On one hand, the boys will be staying home for the rest of the summer. They'll have access to their toys, their computers, the Wii, the basketball hoop, the backyard..all the things that make home home. They'll be able to sleep in (I'm officially jealous of that, by the way).

They're also going to be in good hands. Our 17-year-old nephew will be babysitting them while we're at work. The boys are so excited. They adore Andy.

We adore the fact that we'll be saving some serious cash, too!

On the other hand, it's yet another milestone reached and it means my babies are growing up! It means they'll be getting off the bus in September at home instead of the daycare. It means no more handmade Mother's or Father's Day gifts.

Still, I'm delighted with this change in our lives. Remind me of that when things get bumpy, okay? Because I'm sure things will get bumpy at least once or twice. Come on. I remember what it was like to be home with my brothers and sisters when mom and dad were away from the house. We weren't exactly nice to one another!