Father's Day

This seems like a good place to start talking about our very busy vacation.

We pulled into the campground on Sunday, which just so happened to be Father's Day. My hubby - the chef in the family - wanted to put on a fish fry. At first he thought it was just going to be the four of us and his mom and dad. I had other plans. I really needed my dad to be there, too. You'll see why in a minute!

Hubby doing his thing.

After we had finished eating the walleye he had caught earlier this spring (it was delicious), it was time for gifts. I passed out the cards and instructed them to open them at the same time. No waiting for the others. That would have totally ruined my surprise!

Opening the cards...oh, the suspense. Will my dad be able to read his without his glasses?

Yes! He could!

This meant all three of them found out at the same time that I had gotten them Detroit Tiger's tickets.

Even though I spent way more than I probably should have on the 8 tickets (four for me, the hubby and our boys; two for his mom and dad; two for my dad and his fiance), Ken didn't seem too upset. In fact, I'd say he looks pretty happy...

Of course, the tickets weren't the only surprise Ken got for Father's Day. Our daycare provider had the kids decorate an apron for our "BBQ King"!