Decision Made

Ken and I have been talking about this for a few weeks now and I've made my decision.

I am not going back to school in the Fall. I'm taking a break. Not quitting, mind you. Just taking a break. A much needed, well-deserved break.

Remember my post about being burned out a week or so ago? Yeah. That's part of it. A big part. I've been in school for ten years. Almost eleven.

I'm tired.

Yet, I probably would have just taken this summer off and gone back in the Fall anyhow, but Ken thinks he wants to go on a bear hunt this year. This means he'd be gone for two weeks during the kids' football seasons. I'd have to either get out of class early in order to get them to practice on time, or I'd have to skip class altogether. Neither option really appeals to me. I don't like missing class.

And, before you ask, there's really not an online class I need or want to take.

So...I'm taking off Summer and Fall semesters.

And I am so excited by this idea that it scares me.