What a day!

We had a lot of fun at our friend's party Saturday night. We certainly stayed a lot longer than we had intended - I guess that's a sign of a great host and hostess! However, as we're experimenting with this whole "you're old enough to be the babysitter" idea, we were a bit anxious to get home. Of course our trust in the oldest boy was well-founded. He did awesome!!

This morning we rolled out of bed around 9 and hubby cooked up some french toast. After that it was a beeline for the shower. We had lots of chores we wanted to do today, so I threw on an old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Hair in ponytail, we were off to the local greenhouse to buy more flowers than anyone should buy in one visit. But it worked for us. Our busy schedules don't lend themselves to days of leisure very often, so tackling all five flowerbeds at once was more of a necessity than an option.

While the hubby used the mantis to till up the soil, my youngest and I planted and planted and planted.

If you're curious to see how the flower beds turned out, be sure to visit my Flickr stream. I uploaded a bunch of pictures tonight. The flowers are so pretty...I only needed to Photoshop one of them to get the contrast right.

After helping the hubby with the mulch, it was time to get some laundry and homework done. Thank goodness my homework tonight consisted of finishing The Great Gatsby. I soaked in the tub while I finished off those last few chapters and believe me when I tell you, my sore muscles appreciated the soothing warmth!