Our Lives This Week

The day-by-day breakdown:

Mother's Day meant a visit to the in-laws (I saw my mom on Saturday to avoid the two houses on the same day nonsense). I took my camera with me and got some great shots of the wildlife and other pretties surrounding their house. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Caught in Motion


Bleeding Heart

Of course, after I took the picture of the Bleeding Hearts above, my youngest son had to show me that there really are hearts inside them. He quickly plucked one off the plant and peeled away the pink outer layer to reveal this:

The Heart Inside

After spending a couple hours there, the kids and I headed for home while the hubby stayed and tried to get the new bathroom faucet installed. While he was laboring away in perhaps the world's most poorly structured home, we lounged around in our jammies and watched movies.

After work the hubby and I each grabbed a kid and went our separate ways. The youngest had an away game a few towns over, so the hubby dashed off in that direction. The oldest had a band recital in the High School auditorium, which I videoed. The video did not turn out because my child was completely blocked from my view. However, despite the odds, I was able to zoom in on his cast to at least show an approximation of where he sat. After his recital I rushed home to make sure I was there when my sister dropped off the youngest; hubby had left the kiddo's baseball game early so he could make his softball game.

Work. School. Late night dinner and laundry. American Idol. (Go, Adam, Go!)

That's today, right? Right. Although the youngest has yet another baseball game, I will be sitting in the Whiting Autitorium watching my 6-year-old niece perform in her annual dance recital. I can't wait to take pictures of her in her costume! Here is one from last year:

Ballerina Girl

Isn't she so darn cute?

I'll probably have pictures of this year's costume and hairdo up by tomorrow morning. Look for them!

While I'm in class, the youngest will be at his first soccer scrimmage. Poor hubby is doing a lot of solo acts this week!

Beer Festival. I've volunteered to be the DD. Although the vendors serve more than just beer and I could indulge in a few small samples, I'd rather make sure we all get home in one piece.

Soccer game in the morning. Birthday party for my nephew in the afternoon. Adults only party at a friend's house in the evening. I am not volunteering to be the DD at this one!

My hubby wants to completely redo our flower beds so it sounds like I will be picking out flowers and planting. I should also read the first 5 chapters of The Great Gatsby for class the following week. Oh, and perhaps squeeze in some research on the French Riviera in the 1920-1930s for my research project!

Whew! That's one busy week!!