No Limits by Alison Kent

So a few weeks ago I was gifted with a copy of Alison Kent's No Limits. At the time I was finishing up a final project for class and, even though I would have loved to, I didn't really have time to sit down and indulge.

Until last week.

Faced with my ever growing TBR (to-be-read) pile, I could have picked up anything to read. A week or two before my name had been drawn for another book giveaway and had received Larissa Ione's Passion Unleashed in the mail. However, there were two factors working in Alison Kent's favor. First, I knew her book was getting ready to hit the shelves. Since she had been kind enough to send me a copy (thank you Twitter for giving her a platform to hold that little e-mail contest!), I wanted to get a review up for her as soon as possible. Second, look at that cover. Visually appealing? I'd say so!

Now this is the first Alison Kent book I've read, but let me assure you my first exposure will not be my last. I enjoyed Kent's voice, the quick, snappy pace she set. More importantly, I found her characters enjoyable. While the damsel may have been somewhat distressed, she wasn't helpless or hopeless. Unlike so many of the romances I've read over the years, this heroine had no trouble admitting her desires and acting upon them. No blushing virgins here! In fact, my only warning to my blog readers is that if you're looking for PG-13 romance, look elsewhere. :-)