My Evenings

American Idol last night bummed me out a bit. I really like Allison Araheta and was sad to see her go. Still, the girl went out with style. And I'm sure we'll be seeing her again. She's too good not to get offered a deal.

As predicted, I've also been reading. Surprisingly, I'm still able to squeeze in some No Limits along side the Fitzgerald short stories. This is a good thing because No Limits is a fun, fast read. More on that later!

One of the most time consuming things I'm involved in right now is baseball. (The hubby is also tied up with Soccer practice, but I'm in class on those nights and, therefore, don't feel the strain of the second sport). The kidlet has games twice a week. Here's a few pictures from last night's game.


not so concentrated

from the pitcher's mound


Trevor - after scoring a run.