Ying and Yang

This is the reason I had to leave work today. As the doctor's office was already closed, we're going to have to wait for x-rays until tomorrow. For now, he's reclining against my headboard, munching on popcorn while his foot is being iced down.

But, on a brighter note, this is what I found in the mailbox when I got home from the kidlet's school!

Thanks to Alison Kent's twitter challenge, I got a free copy of her book, No Limits. Can't wait to dive right in. It's certainly good incentive to get my final paper done, don't you think? What a wonderful reward!

Then there's Netflix. Oh, how I love Netflix.

And last but not least, the pictures I ordered from Snapfish! I definitely have enough pictures to keep me busy this weekend while I'm off scrapbooking with friends and family.