The End Is Near

School will be over in less than two weeks. I've got one major paper to put together, a few minor assignments to complete, and then I'm done! Done, done, done!

Until Spring semester starts. Then I'll be reading lots of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Last night as I stood looking at the pile of short story collections and novels I'll be reading in the near future, I couldn't help thinking of my Grandpa and Grandma Spencer. I don't know why really, but I think they'd have been proud to see these books added to my ever-expanding library. These are books Grandpa would have had an opinion on, I'm sure. Grandma probably would have had one as well, but she'd have sat quietly and listened to Grandpa.

Looking at those pile of books I wish my grandparents were still around. I wish I could sit down and talk to them about my reading experiences with Hemingway and Fitzgerald, that Grandpa and I could argue over our differences of opinions, of which I am sure there would be many. Our discussions could become rather intense and did on more than one occasion. Grandma, though, she'd just sit and listen, letting us find our own way. How I miss that.