So...About That Concert

As you may have gathered from my earlier post, I haven't been feeling all that well over the last few days. I don't know if I'm finally fighting off the flu bug that has been running rampant through my house or if it was just a side-effect of pure exhaustion. In any event, I am feeling a little more like myself and a lot less like death. Wahoo! This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Since I believe I am now capable of forming a coherent thought or two (yesterday was BAD), I thought I'd tell you how amazing, awesome, exciting, and all-out-wonderful the concert was on Saturday night. Yes, it was that good. And, no, that's not the alcohol speaking because I was the DD that night. (I don't think Rock Star energy drinks impair judgement, but I could be wrong...)

The first band was forgetable. Saving Abel did not live up to their debut album. I don't know if their sound guy needed a new set of ears, but I couldn't make out more than a dozen words the entire time they were on stage. Those few words I did catch, I really think it was only because I knew the song and could anticipate the lyrics.

Seether was much better. They sounded great. Had lots of energy.

Nickelback. Nickelback was amazing. Astounding. Blow-Your-Mind-Good. The lead singer was funny and charming. I also loved the fact that the band utilized the big screens for slideshows and videos. My favorite slideshow was during the song Photograph. I know that the next time (and every time thereafter) I hear that line about "what the hell is on Joey's head", I'll recall that one photograph in particular because I couldn't figure it out either.

My only disappointment was that they didn't play two of the songs I really like off the new CD. Luckily, I could play them as loud as I wanted on the way home!