Homework and Scrapbooking

Don't those two things go together like peas & carrots? No? Are you sure?

Okay, maybe you're right. Still, those are the two main things on my radar right now. I've finished the wrestling DVD - just waiting on the last few copies to finish burning.

First on the agenda is homework. Tomorrow night I have to turn in a five page literature review. Hopefully it goes together quickly and smoothly because I really have no time to spare.

After the homework deadline passes, I can finally focus on getting ready for my weekend away from home. Yep, it's that time of year again! Scrapbooking with the ladies for hours and hours on end. This particular trip (I have two planned) is about a hop, jump, and skip away from my house. Seriously. Less than five miles from the end of my driveway.

I know it may seem silly to "go away for the weekend" when I could just as easily stay home for free, especially when you consider the proximity of our getaway spot, but if I stay home, I don't scrapbook. I watch television, do homework, watch television, do laundry, read a book or two, think about doing the dishes and mopping the floor, and watch television. What I don't do is scrapbook, not for hours on end. So a weekend away, even at a nearby location, is a good thing for my neglected scrapbook albums.

Not that I'm ready. Not even close. I need to figure out what treats I'm bringing to share and I have to pick up a $5 gift. I also need to get my pictures together, do any journaling I think I'll need, and pack up everything. Good thing I don't need to be there until 7 PM on Friday. I'll need every spare minute after work to get ready!

My goal for the weekend: Finish Maine. Start Munising.