The Agent Hunt

Okay, so I talked a lot about self-publishing the novel, but now that I'm sitting here with a revised manuscript, I've decided to give it a fighting chance in the big, bad world of Publishing. You know, the Industry. And, yes, all those capital letters are needed for proper emphasis.

So far, I've had one contract for representation offered. I turned it down. There were too many red flags for me to blissfully ignore. First, all correspondance was automated. Even after they said they'd like to represent my work, the e-mails still arrived in the form of a form letter. If that wasn't weird enough, they didn't charge any fees (oh, no! never. not until we sell you...), but they couldn't refer me fast enough to a "professional critiquing service". Uh huh. Partners in crime, there.

So, I declined their offer and sent out the next query. Keep your fingers crossed!