Sickness - Take 2,212

The little guy is home sick again today. He started running a fever Wednesday night. Around 4:30 yesterday afternoon he starts complaining that even when he's laying motionless on the couch that he feels like "he's falling". Ear infection? That has to be equilibrium, right? But he's coughing, too. So maybe it's turning into a chest cold?

I tried the doctor's office as soon as he mentioned the vertigo but I got the answering machine, which indicated they were already closed up for the night. What?!? It wasn't even five o'clock and they were closed! Ug!

The fever didn't disappear overnight, though, and the little guy woke up this morning looking rather wan, his pale little face devoid of color. Onto the couch he went with a bucket (just in case...yes, we're paranoid, but if you've had this year's stomach bug, you understand!) and a cool washcloth on his forehead. Tylenol and cough syrup. One bite of Cocoa Pebbles. And cartoons. Mustn't forget the cartoons.

Of course, I didn't feel right taking two days off in a row, so he's home with his Daddy, who got him in for a 3:45 appointment today with the doctor.

While all of this is sad enough (well, it's sad when you look at him because PATHETIC just doesn't seem to cover it), he might have to miss out on his big brother's birthday party. We're taking the oldest and four friends to lunch and the movies. The little guy will be heartbroken if he has to stay home.