Funny Memory

So, I was reading this blog post over on Amalah. (You should read it as it is quite funny). When I get to the picture and the explanation behind it, I experienced a bit of a flashback. Going back almost 9 years to my brother's wedding. We're in the hall and it's time for the best man to give his toast. Up stands our youngest brother. He goes through many stories and says some very nice things about the newlyweds, but the one that sticks with me to this day involves some darts.

Yes, darts.

And two brothers.

I've probably got the details all wrong, but what I remember our baby brother saying is that his big brother told him "stand right there and don't move". Then, with all the love and compassion and tenderness big brothers tend to display, the big brother hurled a dart towards the little brother.

And it stuck.

In his chest.

I don't remember how the story ended. I think they covered the whole thing up like children will do because I think for many of us that night in the reception hall was the first time we'd heard of this particular torture.

You'd think shenanigans like that would have caused trouble in their relationship. I know I certainly would have had some issues had one of my sisters attempted such a thing. But we're girls. Apparently boys are lot cooler than we are.