Wrestling & the Flu

The little guy had a meet on Satuday. He was knocked out of the running pretty early on. The two kids he wrestled ended up taking first and second place for their age and weight group. Just his luck to draw the kids who have been doing this for at least a year or two. On the upside, the kid who took first place just medaled himself out of the upcoming novice tournaments. (Two 1st place medals = Open Meets).

If this wasn't discouraging enough, the poor kid gets home and starts complaining about his stomach hurting. 5 AM the next morning, he's showing full-blown symptoms of a stomach virus. Poor thing stayed on the couch all day watching cartoons and feeling miserable.

And today...he's home sick. Grandpa had to go pick him up at school because the stomach craps had made a reappearance. Poor little guy.

Now we just have to hope no one else catches it!