A Weekend of Parties

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for my cousin who turned the big 4-0 on January 1st. It was a surprise and, judging by the look on her face, I'd say the party planners pulled it off. She seemed more than appropriately surprised. She also seemed a bit embarrassed and self-conscious. Of course, that didn't last for long.

The best surprise, though, was probably the unexpected guests who showed up just as she was walking in the door. A long, long time ago my grandmother had lived with a man and his two sons. Although things didn't exactly work out for my grandmother and her boyfriend, the boys remained fond of Grandma and our family. Seeing Tim, Shelly, and their two boys was a rare treat.

After the party I took my youngest boy and my nephew to the bookstore. We hit the Borders Outlet at a nearby mall first. They had lots for me to choose from but very little for the kids. My nephew, who is 9, was really hoping to find some American Chillers. The Outlet store had exactly zero on the shelves. Humph. So, as only a crazy aunt who really wants to support the family's sole adolescent reader, I carted the boys into the city and made a beeline for Barnes & Noble. Of course they had plenty of titles to choose from and I ended up spending twice as much as I had planned on. I blame it on membership card renewal.

The best part is...I get to cross two titles off my "missing" list. These are books I once owned, made the mistake of loaning out, and never got back. Both titles were from fantasy series I am actively collecting: Runelords by David Farland and Wolf by Jane Lindskold. Now I just need to find Black Sun Rising, the first of the Coldfire Trilogy. I don't know who I loaned that one out to, but I vow to be a bit more protective in the future!

After the bookstore we tossed around the idea of heading over to my brother's for a bonfire and possibly cards. In case you don't know, it's cold here. Staying in seemed the better plan, so that's exactly what we did: we stayed in.

That brings me to today. I've reinserted myself into a local writing group and one of our members offered to host a "get to know the family" type of party. Apparently, she's done this before, but we're new so this was our first go round. I think the hubby survived. He wasn't too keen on the idea, but he was a good husband and played along. Hey, at least they had football on the big screen and there was plenty of food to eat! And the kids had playmates, which helped.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?