Well, I've started working on what may become my graduate thesis project. It's still a bit sketchy, but the idea seems to have merit. At least, that's what my faculty adviser tells me! She was very enthusiastic and supportive when I approached her with my idea. Her excitement has validated my idea, something I think I needed more than I'd like to admit.

So what is my topic, you ask? I'm going to address the ways in which feminism is portrayed and handled with the scope of science fiction and fantasy. Now as you may be thinking, that's pretty broad, and you'd be right. The first challenge I face is in narrowing down my focus. I'm thinking I'm actually more interested in the way its handled in fantasy than science fiction. I'm also curious about how the subject matter has evolved in the last few decades as compared to earlier works in the field as well as the more traditional forms of literature. You know, Literature. The big L.

I've already started collecting articles and I've checked out a couple of books. Now I just need to get reading! Once I have an idea of what's been addressed, I can search for my own little niche. This task actually excites me because I while it may be work, it's at least enjoyable work. (I say that now...ask me how I feel about it once I'm in the thick of things!)