Random Item #1
Youngest will not be wrestling on Sunday now. Instead, he will be at a tournament on Saturday with his Dad while I'm off with the oldest at basketball. Hubby has kindly offered to take pictures. I'm curious how well he will do as this is gymnasium photography, which usually makes for poor photographs.

Random Item #2
Internet Explorer 7 locks up more than any other piece of software I know. It is driving me insane.

Random Item #3
I've been thinking about doing a 365 day project. It sounds fairly easy. One photo every day. It should capture some part of what it's like to live in your life. (Of course this idea is scrapbooking related, but I'm thinking more along the lines of Flickr. The last thing I need is one more scrapbooking project!)

Random Item #4
I am way behind on my scrapbooking. At this rate, I will never get Maine or Disney done. And let's not talk about the boys' school or sports albums.