Sorry the updates have been rather...late. Now that school is over I should get back to into the routine. For now, here's some quick updates:
  • I was awarded scholarship funds for the writing conference in May. It should be enough to almost pay for the entire trip. I just have to remember to bring in receipts and whatnot.
  • I have received my final grade for my first graduate class. I think it's a solid A. Maybe an A- if the teacher grades funny.
  • I still haven't put up the Christmas stockings. That's happening this weekend. My little guy is counting down the days until Santa arrives and the stockings under the tree are a major concern for him. He's afraid Santa will forget to fill them if they're not hanging from the banister.
  • In one day and four hours I will be on vacation!
  • I got The Dark Knight at the work Xmas party! I can't wait to watch it.
  • Both of my kids have had the flu this week. Ug. At least it seems to be a quick one and doesn't linger.
  • I should be able to finish up my Xmas shopping this Friday while I'm out and about with my sister and mother (in-laws).

There...I think you're caught up now. Maybe.