My Artist
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Around 1:30ish this morning my little guy turned 8. I'd give you the exact time but my memory from that long ago morning was messed up by copious amounts of drugs. All I really remember of his first few hours is moaning that my skin was on fire.

I remember a lot of other things, though. I remember that his sugar was off and they were keeping a close eye on him for the first few hours of his life.

I also remember how sweet and gentle his big brother was when they first met. (The picture of that moment sits framed on a shelf in my office, so the memory has been sufficiently reinforced).

He's my hot head. The competitive child who's determined to win or, at the very least, to do well. One look at his little face on the soccer field or basketball court and you know. You can see the channelled anger and frustration. He doesn't give up; he just tries harder.

He's also my little artist. A notebook and some markers go a long way to help keep him entertained.

As we get ready to head into the next year of his life, I wonder what new traits I'll discover. I wonder how his personality will change and evolve on the journey from boy to man.