Took a Night Off

I was so lazy last night! The most productive thing I did after work yesterday was a couple loads of laundry after helping the kids with homework. Otherwise, my sorry little self sat on the couch. I'm blaming this lack of productivity on the new television hanging on my wall. HD television is pretty amazing. And the sound surround, as my youngest son so cutely calls it, isn't half bad either.

So, I watched the Country Music Awards show last night. I think Kid Rock's performance was by the far the best. Although, Carrie Underwood's choice of song made me tear up a bit. Didn't help that she had a war widow speak right before she took the stage.

So...really nothing much to report here. Other than I am LAZY and DREADFULLY BEHIND SCHEDULE! Considering my weekend plans, this could be very problematic. See why NaNo never works out for me. I can't just give up my life in order to dedicate myself to the story. I always get sidetracked by something or would rather just veg out after a long day at work.

There. You found me out. I am not the most dedicated writer. I'm more of a dabbler.