I don't have a lot of progress to report. I ended up sick late last week and then had weekend plans that interfered. However, I did manage to get 8 scrapbook pages done on our family vacation. Never mind it was the family vacation we took in 2006. Never mind that I've not even started this year's or last year's vacations, all of which have several hundred pictures each that I'm going to be sifting through trying to figure out which ones to include or exclude from the book.

I plan on working on my revisions at lunch today (from the very old project that should have been done ages ago). Then, tonight, after I get home and get things like homework, dinner, and (hopefully) excerise out of the way, I'm going to work on my NaNo project. I'm not feeling completely left behind yet, so trying to play catch up still seems a sane course of action.

Wish me luck!