So far so good.

Yesterday's word count: 1763

I've decided on a working title for the book. Until something else makes more sense, I'm calling it House Foraysa. My main character is a mercenary who happens to be the unwanted tenth daughter of a sixth son in the House Foraysa. Her little "quest", if you will, involves a family matter that will send her into peril. Of course, since I'm writing without a net here, I have absolutely no idea what the family emergency is or what kind of peril she's going to end up facing. Since I tend to write organically, I trust these things will just magically make themselves known as I write in the scenes.

I have been using a few pictures I've stumbled across online for inspiration.

This is Ashyss Foraysa of the House Foraysa.

This is a fellow mercenary and Ashyss's lover, Legas.

This is Ashyss's distant cousin who she will have to work with in order to pull off her "quest". Her name is Seiene.

I have no idea who (or possibly what) the antagonist looks like. I don't even have a name for him (or her) yet. I also have no idea what they have or want that is going to interfere with Ashyss's needs. But I'm confident I'll think of something.

And on that note, I'm off to write another 1700.