Giving Thanks: Day 3

The Five of Us
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This picture was taken a few weeks ago at a friend's wedding. It's one of those rare pictures with all five of us in the frame. We had to wait to take it until my brother BJ and his family showed up - they were at their son's football game, so they didn't get to the reception until quite late. Luckily, the rest of us were having a good time and no one had left prior to his arrival.

These are my brothers and sisters. These are the people I shared one bathroom with in a house of seven. These are the people I played tag with in the yard, ice skated with on the pond, fished with in the gravel pits, and pretty much tormented whenever the mood struck. Not that they didn't do their fair share of tormenting, too!

I am so thankful I was not an only child. Having brothers and sisters means life is never dull. It means there's always someone you can lean on, depend on, and raz on. After all, "those who tease you, love you." (I have no idea who that quote belongs to, but I love it!)