Busy Weekend Ahead

Tonight my writing group meets. It's a small, intimate group with a surprising variety of writers. Our WIPs cover everything from poetry, to children's fiction, to SF&F. Tonight I'm planning on reading from the first few pages of my paranormal romance novel so I can get some feedback on where I started and whether or not I have exposition in there to satisfy the reader. I was tempted to read from my NaNo project, but it's too new, too raw and I know I'd be too easily discouraged to continue if the feedback was bad.

Tomorrow I have a candle party in the early afternoon. Afterwards, I'm spending the night at my sister-in-law's house and scrapbooking until my eyes (or creative drive) gives out. I would like to make a sizeable dent in the stack of Maine vacation pictures, but I'm taking a bit of variety with me this time. Sometimes the muse needs something a little different in order to keep working.

Sunday is homework until I drop day. I had started what I'm going to call an urban fantasy for class, but after some consideration I decided to go with something else. The story I'm working on now was inspired by a woman who works with the FBI in busting Internet predators. I've got perhaps a page and half so far and I need 7 full pages by Monday night.

Yeah, yeah. And then there's NaNo. If I get the 7 pages done and a bit more of my paranormal romance edited, I'll return to the NaNo project. Priorities are needed here and, once again, NaNo falls near the lower end of the spectrum. I would feel bad if I wasn't working on so many other writing projects.