My Weekend

Sorry I haven't been updating. Things have been a little crazy, which means I get a lot distracted. Over this last weekend we had soccer, trick-or-treat Halloween at grandma & grandpa's campground, a wedding, and then I experimented with senior pictures.

First things first..there was soccer.

Ready to Strike

High Kick

Kierrah & her Coach

The boys didn't do so well. I know my little guy's problem (child in red - top picture) was that he had been up too late Friday night. Instead of picking them up and going home at a reasonable hour, we stayed out too late talking to our friends. (My nephew was playing goalie in Pic #2 and my niece is walking down the field with her coach in Pic #3).

After soccer we went trick-or-treating through the campground. Again. Yes, we just did it two weeks ago. What's your point? This was a different campground. Besides, you try telling grandma and grandpa no. See how that works out for you.

As soon as the campground opened back up and cars could once again move, we headed off to a wedding reception. Conveniently, it happened to be about four or five miles down the road. We arrived pretty much in time for dinner, which was perfect!

Krista, Megan and Chrissy

Sarah, Krista & Ken


Bridal Dance Cont.

Dancing 2

We didn't get home that night until after 2 a.m. We ended up taking home my brother and his wife. Somehow my brother then conned us into playing Wii Fit. I had fun, but boy did my back hurt the next day. Between the dancing and the middle-of-the-night exercising, I was hurtin'!

The next day was gorgeous, which was awesome because I had senior pictures to take! I was so nervous. Luckily, the weather cooperated and I was able to experiment with a willing subject. I had so much fun. Of course, not all the pictures turn out, but I imagine even the professionals get the occasional bad shot.