Finding Our Groove

I think it's safe to say we're settling into a routine around my place. The mornings are rough. I've never been one for getting up willingly and when the alarm clock is going off at 5:30 in the morning, I'm even less willing. This usually results in everyone feeling rushed. Thank goodness I have the world's most amazing husband who isn't afraid of packing lunches or overseeing breakfast.

The majority of our days are spent at school or work, of course. And can I just say thank God for lunch hours. If it weren't for my lunches, I wouldn't have time to read, write, or run errands. This one little hour out of every day has become my lifeline, my sanity-perserver.

After we pick the kids up from daycare, we run home and start working on their homework. Some nights this goes by very quickly and they're done before dinner is on the table. Other nights the oldest boy is still struggling to finish up by 8 o'clock - it just depends on the how much he had to bring home and how much he got done with the homework buddy at the daycare. After dinner and homework, the boys get to take a bath, watch tv and/or play until bedtime. Most nights they choose the television.

This is usually when the hubby and I get a lot of our nightly chores done. You know, like dishes or laundry. Sometimes, though, we have homework of our own we need to do so this time might be filled with studying. If I were going to edit my story, this would probably be the time to do it, but I'm usually off doing something else that seems more pressing. Not to mention the kids aren't very good about giving us time to concentrate.

After the kids are in bed the hubby and I often watch television together. TIVO comes in very handy here.

Of course, this routine is always thrown into chaos when we have sports to contend with during the school week. Homework suffers the most. We can grab dinner on the go and get baths when we get home. Homework in the car is difficult and messy and inconvenient. But necessary!