My Weekend

This weekend we went trick-or-treat camping. I didn't get my camera out all that often except when it came time to get the kids dressed. Then I went a little crazy. I uploaded quite a few of the pictures to my Flickr Account (hint! Go there to see more adorable children in costume!).

The highlight of my day was when my oldest decided to join in the festivities. Apparently, he's outgrowing Halloween, which I think is complete nonsense since I am still quite enamored with it myself. Free candy. Costumes. Come on! What's not to love? Still, he kept insisting that he didn't want to trick-or-treat. Since I refused to believe him, I packed a spare costume...just in case.

Good thing! With about 15 minutes to spare, he changed his 10-year-old mind and decided get dressed. He wasn't thrilled with the mask, but at least he let me get a few good pictures before he tore it off and tried conning me into carrying it around the park.