Loving the Look

Photoshopped to look Old
Originally uploaded by Krheiser

I've not perfected it yet, but I really like being able to take a sharp, colorful, modern photo and transforming it into something aged. I'm not sure what the official term is, but I like to call this photoshopped effect an antique wash. It's sepia, but it's not. You can see the hint of color seeping back into the photo.

I've been playing with this effect for a couple of weeks now. I've taken a good half-dozen pictures of my newest little niece and modified them to somewhat resemble the picture showcased here.

One problem...I can't seem to print them! My printer keeps putting a faint line through the photo almost as if the ink cartridges are running out, but when I send a full-color photo to the printer, it's beautiful. I'm frustrated but confident I can figure out a way to print the pictures. They're too cute not too!