If the morning is this bad...

I was in the basement, putting the puppy's kennel blanket into the dryer (he had vomited on it while we were at work yesterday), when I heard my hubby's angry voice through the floorboards above my head. Minutes earlier I had dragged myself out of bed and down the basement steps, leaving him and our five-month-old puppy in bed.

Stuffing the blanket into the washing machine, I moved as quickly as my half-asleep body would allow. When I get upstairs and into our bedroom I was met with the most disgusting sight. The damn dog had taken a shit on our bed! On our bed, people!

Okay. I can deal with this. Puppy spanked and taken outside before being unceremoniously deposited into his kennel. Toilet paper used to pick up and dispose of the puppy feces. Sheets, blankets and pillows stripped off the bed. Dump first load into the Washing Machine.

All before my morning shower.

This is not the way you want to start your day. Really. It's not.