I Hate the First Week of Class

Friends, I am exhausted. This week has been long and brutally busy. Work is INSANE. I expected it, prepared for it, and am still blown away by the level of activity and, dare I say it, the neediness the first week brings. Students suddenly recall they actually have be enrolled in classes in order to receive credit. It's amazing how a whole summer can pass and it's only when matters become critical that people act. I guess you could say procrastination makes the world, and the University, go round!

But anyhow. Busy. Exhausted. Ready for bed.

What's that? Editing? The novel? Is it ready to be distributed and read? Um. No. My good intentions have been foiled by the complete shut down of my mind and body by the time I can manage to steal a few moments at the computer.

I don't even feel like reading.

I just want to veg out. But that's not even possible because...FOOTBALL! Mother of All That Is Holy, I hate football season. It consumes our television, which is why I'm actually counting down to the end of camping season so I can get my bedroom television out of the camper and back into my room. How am I supposed to veg out to shows like America's Next Top Model or other mind-numbing television when I don't have a tv to watch? Gah!