For Love of the Hunt

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Today is Love Thursday over at Shutter Sisters, and since I like this weekly ritual so much better than the Thursday Thirteen, I want to contribute every week. That being said, here's something that makes my heart warm.

This is the first year our oldest boy will be old enough to hunt with his Dad. Although I find it hard to comprehend, it seems 10 is the magic number when it comes to Youth Hunting. He'll get to take his little bow and arrow - or a gun - out into wilderness to shoot either deer or ducks. (I know both are on the agenda for this fall.)

Since he's reached this magical age, my husband has been diligent in teaching him adult responsiblities as they practice. Although the practice sessions really don't last for more than 15 minutes most nights, my boy and his Dad get to spend some meaningful and memorable father-son time together.

The other night one of our good friends - okay, one of our very best friends - showed up with his son to see the progress we had made in the woods (we're clearing out a huge amount of scrub brush and dying trees, in case I haven't mentioned it). After they were done checking things out, it was time for bow-and-arrow practice.

The picture above is a great testimony to the love that extends not only between father and son, but also the power of friendship. If my husband weren't able to teach our boy these basic techniques and hunting rules, I know there would be someone willing to take on the task, not just because they love us, but they love our children, too. Just as we love theirs.