Fess Up Monday

Borrowed that title from one of my favorite bloggers.

First thing I should fess up is that I didn't edit a single word of the manuscript. Not a one! This might have had something to do with the fact that I left the WIP sitting on my desk at work. I've been trying to use my lunch hours for reading (while I eat) and editing (after I'm done stuffing my face). Believe it or not, even a half-hour of uninterrupted editing time makes a huge difference.

There. Guilty admission out of the way.

That leaves everything else. This past weekend the hubby and I were going to take our boys camping at the Reservoir. Well, plans change. We ended up staying home and enjoying the annual Old Fashioned Days Fesitval in our small little hometown. Somehow we even made it to the 6 o'clock parade on Friday night. After the parade we had an openhouse we had to make an appearance at and then it was back into town for the Beer Tent.

I haven't been to a Beer Tent in about three or four years. The last time I was there my entire family got thrown out for starting a big ole brawl. Not good.

Well, this year we did something a little different and went with some friends of ours instead of my family. Well, my sister joined us, so I guess that's not exactly 100% true. Mostly, though, it was just a bunch of our friends. We drank and chatted and danced a little. I ran into a few people I had graduated with and a couple of kids I had babysat when I was younger.

I thought we had made it through the night without a mishap, but as soon as we left the Beer Tent, we found half of our original group standing outside the entrance. It seems a punch or two had been thrown and a couple of guys in our group were at the jail giving a statement. One of them had been sucker punched and the other had defended him. And here I thought only my family members were capable of such drama!

After getting home around 2:30 in the morning, we were able to sleep in because...no kids! They had stayed the night at the sitters. While I lazed around the house, the hubby picked up our oldest (the youngest had decided to go with my sister and her kids that morning), paid for soccer registration, and ran a couple of other errands in town. Later that night we went to my brother's place to watch the UFC fight.

Yesterday I was beyond lazy. The only thing I did besides lounge around in my pajamas all day was laundry. I'm blaming this on a promise I had made to my youngest the day before. When he was having a little mental meltdown over who-knows-what at my brother's place, I had promised to spend the next day watching movies with him. And that's pretty much what we did.